If you are confused as to the way the site works you are not alone… Below are some common questions about the process. Hope this helps. If you need further assistance let us know; it’s no bother to get you set up and up to speed with the site.


 Q: How do I set a Maximum Bid?

A: The bid amount you enter in the place bid box will be the MAX bid. If you put in your bid of $10 and the price is at $1 the bid will be $1 and go up until your $10 is reached.

Q: How much does the bid increase?

A: The site is set to only increase in increments of $1 for items up to $1000, after that they increase by $5. So this means if an items is $10 and you bid $25 the bid will only increase $1; however there is an exception to the rule. If there is a competing bidder there bid is taken into consideration. So if the other bidder has bid $25 and you bid $25 the first bidder to have entered that number will win the bid. GENERAL RULE OF THUMB, PUT A BID IN THAT YOU ARE HAPPY WITH.

Q: How will i know if I’m the highest bidder?

A: Don’t worry, the site is not set up to let you bid against yourself. If you are bidding on a product and someone else has set a higher bid this will happen, you name will be show where the bids are listed but you will see that you $dollar amount is smaller than the highest bidder. Another way to know if you are the highest bidder is to click on the “my account” page at the top left, you must be logged in to see this. Then click on the “Items I Bid” Link on the “Buyers Menu” which is on the left side on the page. Make sure you are logged in.

Q: Can I remove a bid I placed by accident?

A: NO, there is no way  to remove a bid once it has been placed, make sure you know what your are bidding on, If you enter an extra digit and turn a $10 into a $100 bid, call us immediately we will check this error and do our best to fix it.